Armen Mekhakyan

I am a psychologist, executive coach, court mediator and negotiator. Since 2014, I have been working as a coach for the executive management at Citi Bank. I gained my knowledge and skills at the Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute, the Faculty of Intercultural Relations at the University of Warsaw, as well as the Polish NLP Institute. In addition, I completed postgraduate studies in negotiations, mediations, and alternative methods of dispute resolution from the Center for Dispute and Conflict Resolution at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. I am also set to complete business schooling in 2017 at the Warsaw School of Economics, with a specialization in HABP.

I am inspired by the concept of positive psychology and Marshall Rosenberg’s nonviolent communication.

I have been supporting people in their professional and personal development since 2004. In my professional portfolio you can find projects related to communication, image, customer service, group redundancies, mobbing, burnout, as well as HR strategy.

I work with both organizations and individuals, offering support in such fields as transformation, integration of differences in the context of changes, creating harmony in emergency situations of conflict, creating a consistent brand as a tool of communication.

I am the creator of image coaching (a joint project ran in conjunction with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and doctors of aesthetic medicine), mediation of internal conflicts and the initiator of the ProPsyche Business project.


At work I am particularly involved in intercultural issues and support the adaptation processes of people at risk of social exclusion. The result of my intercultural efforts is the Evoluo Foundation, established to motivate and support people who are blessed with talent and potential, but who are, for various reasons, met with difficulties which hinder their full utilization.