Armen Mekhakyan

I am a psychologist, executive coach, court mediator and negotiator. Since 2014, I have been working as a coach for the executive management at Citi Bank.

Business coaching

In his psychological work with business, Armen Mekhakyan is primarily focused on customer support in obtaining balanced and effective communication strategies, determining professional goals and motivating others.

Psychological coaching

Coaching is a training process focused on interaction. A coach is a partner whose mission is to help you discover potential that lays dormant in you, to help take advantage of it and steer you in the right direction.


A mediator is a person who opens space for dialogue by their presence. He is neutral and non-partisan. A mediator helps conflicted parties communicate and helps them feel that their feelings have been heard.

Cinema therapy

In September 2015, together with Tomasz Raczek in his radio show „SZCZEROTOK” on TOK FM, we began a series of programs which we called radio „cinema therapy” (in Polish, „kinoterapia”).


Positive psychology is a field of psychology, with a strong scientific basis, that studies positive aspects such as creativity, emotional intelligence, humor, wisdom, well-being and happiness.

Propsyche biznes

This is the first offer on the market which is a synergy of psychology, coaching, leadership, project management and HR. It is an original concept created by Armen Mekhakyan and introduced in collaboration with the ProPsyche Center for Psychology and Psychiatry, intended for anyone who is looking for innovative and effective development techniques in business.


Prevention is better than cure... this is a well known truth, which unfortunately is applied too rarely in the context of mental health. Meanwhile, the promotion of mental health should be a best practice in the workplace.


To ensure the highest quality of our services we work with doctors, psychologists, lawyers, mediators, negotiators, coaches and HR consultants.

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Armen Mekhakyan

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