Cinema therapy – autorski projekt Tomasza Raczka i Armena Mekhakyana

In September 2015, together with Tomasz Raczek in his radio show „SZCZEROTOK” on TOK FM, we began a series of programs which we called radio „cinema therapy” (in Polish, „kinoterapia”). Once a month, on Wednesdays, we talked with the audience about a particular film through the lens of the self.

The idea was to talk about difficult matters, about feelings, while maintaining a sense of security and full anonymity. We believe that talking about movie characters and their attitudes gives an opportunity to talk about feelings, sometimes extreme (hidden), and yet real. The role of the film critic and psychologist in which we act with Tomasz, enables us to moderate the conversation, and the most important part of the process is listening audience.

I invite anyone to join who wants to discover more about themselves by talking about films, to help overcome personal demons.

Studio telephone: 22 44 44 044.

Past programs: