What is positive psychology?

Positive psychology is a field of psychology, with a strong scientific basis, that studies positive aspects such as creativity, emotional intelligence, humor, wisdom, well-being and happiness. In other fields, therapists focus on the negative and pathological aspects of human life such as anxiety, stress, depression. Talking continuously about problems during the session can make them stronger, at least in the consciousness. Just as regular exercise physically strengthen muscles.

Where is positive psychology used?

  • depression
  • stress reduction
  • working with anxiety
  • fighting with somatic symptoms caused by constant stress
  • traumatic situations
  • support during divorce proceedings
  • support for LGBT people

Positive psychology is a therapeutic technique. Before deciding to work with a particular therapist, learn about their working methods.

Talk about issues like the duration of the treatment and the measurability of the effects of your work.

Think about what more effective for you - psychotherapy focused on reducing symptoms of disorders or positive psychology, which focuses on building strength, building agency and providing positive experiences.

And remember that the best specialist is one who has a robust approach.

In the case of serious mental disorders, working with a psychiatrist is key.