Propsyche business

This is the first offer on the market which is a synergy of psychology, coaching, leadership, project management and HR. It is an original concept created by Armen Mekhakyan and introduced in collaboration with the ProPsyche Center for Psychology and Psychiatry, intended for anyone who is looking for innovative and effective development techniques in business.

The strength of ProPsyche Business, and also what separates us from what is widely available on the market, is our scientific, psychological foundation. It is not enough to equip people with useful tools. You have to go deeper, to understand the mechanisms of the psyche and it is there where we find the potential, upon which we create the necessary tools - custom, tailor-made to meet the needs of the individual.

According to Armen Mekhakyan, we should continually seek effective solutions and cultivate a variety of skills within ourselves, so that no matter where we are in life or our career, we set and achieve goals, and at the same time not to lose ourselves along the way. And it is this approach that permeates through the activities of ProPsyche Business.

Human complexity requires a comprehensive approach to its development. Therefore, at ProPsyche Business, we focus on teamwork, based on the cooperation of specialists from different fields. And all this under the watchful eye of Armena Mekhakyan and Dr. Agnieszka Ziółkowska. The combination of both their knowledge and experience forms a pioneering approach to the subject of human transformation, and the offer of ProPsyche Business is elevated above the widely available training format .



Traditional coaching equips people with useful tools, but loses sight of the individual, putting them first and foremost in a position where they primarily serve to achieve the objectives of the organization. In ProPsyche Business, we place our focus on the individual and their personality, their desires, needs, and fears and weaknesses, by drawing from the achievements of psychology, so that they can fully act in both their professional and private lives. We see the development of the individual as a long-term project, in which the starting point is to identify their needs and find a tailor-made path for each of our clients.


At ProPsyche Business you have a full staff of specialists in various fields available to you.

Each client is taken care of by a team leader, who has a group of experts at their disposal. Among them are psychological coaches, mediators, and advisors who hold both theoretical and practical experience working corporations, HR, or crisis situations. All of this is supervised by a medical coordinator - Dr. Agnieszka Ziółkowska.

Only this sort of organized group is capable to respond on a regular basis to the needs of customers and provides with the knowledge and support in many intersecting areas.

The duration of coaching sessions, the number of meetings and their substantive content is determined in the initial phase of cooperation and is constantly monitored.


  • senior-level management
  • corporate employees wish to find themselves in their current system
  • workers wanting to get a coveted promotion
  • people who want to set up and/ develop their own business
  • people who seek effective ways of communication with their subordinate staff
  • people who want to part amicably with their current employer and look for new paths of development


Mediation is more than just an extremely effective tool for resolving disputes. It is a space that exists outside of conflict, where different positions and experiences can meet. It is a space, where coming together and agreement is possible thanks to trust in humanity. The undeniable strength of mediation is its voluntary nature. Here, none of the parties cannot feel compelled to take this form of conflict resolution.

The key to achieving an agreement is not only good will of the parties who wish to reach a consensus, but also the mediator himself. The mediator – who is neutral, competent, socially sensitive – makes sure that all parties refer to each other with respect throughout the mediation, he serves as a guide, creating space for constructive talks.


Here the parties are natural or legal persons conducting economic activity.

That is why it is so important that the mediator holds additional knowledge in the area of civil, as well as commercial and economic law.

The subject of the mediation can be all kinds of disputes related to trade agreements, copyright laws, claims against associates and shareholders, issues of payments, mergers, bankruptcy proceedings or restructuring.

For this type of dispute, it is essential that mediation is a legitimate alternative to court proceedings, and the agreement which comes as its result has legal force.

If you add to this the advantages of mediation, it is worth to consider this form of conflict resolution:

  • it is a quicker and less expensive way to reach agreement than arbitration or judicial proceedings,
  • maintains confidentiality,
  • protects the good image of the company, maintains credibility in the eyes of current and future customers, business partners,
  • finds space for future cooperation between the parties in the future.


Business is an area where transparency and clear relations are very important. Only in this way can you count on speed and effectiveness in the pursuit of common goals, which will lead to achieving desired objective and enable development. Mediation in business supports transparent and open relations. They help to build mutual trust, effective communication, and this translates in effect into profit. It is a form of dispute resolution, both outside and inside the organization, and along the lines of employer-employee. A perfect example of a situation, in which mediation proves to be an invaluable tool, are mass layoffs or redundancies. At ProPsyche Business we provide a special set of tools to help carry out this difficult process, allowing to find a satisfactory solution for both the employer and the employee without referring the matter to court.


Can we mediate with ourselves? Yes! And here a mediator may also play an invaluable role. We often struggle with internal conflicts (choosing our development path, motivation, planning for the future, disappointment decisions that we have already taken), which adversely affect the comfort of our daily lives. Internal mediation, which is a method of resolving disputes, developed by Armen Mekhakyan, in the form of "mediation with oneself", is an effective process leading to solutions and strategies for healing action. Led by Armen internal mediation usually consists of 2 to 5 sessions, during which we mediate one topic selected by the client, during an open session.