In his psychological work with business, Armen Mekhakyan is primarily focused on customer support in obtaining balanced and effective communication strategies, determining professional goals and motivating others. Positive psychology lays at the foundation of his scientific activity. Psychological sessions help utilize one’s own creative resources, as well as the resources that help manage the creativity of others. The coaching approach can be applied to both the development of individuals as well as groups.

The psychological support process begins first identifying the needs of the client. We then create a development program based on those findings. Here are some examples of situations where a business psychologist may be helpful:

Individual sessions:

Do you feel the symptoms of burnout?

Do you lack assertiveness in your professional relations?

Do you work above the norm, and yet you fail to advance?

Or maybe the promotion you received turned out to be a burden?

Do you feel stress in social situations?

Are you considering working on self-presentation?

Do you want to stimulate your professional creativity?

Do you want to learn how to better manage your time and utilize your skills more efficiently?

Do you lack confidence returning to work after a prolonged break due to maternity or parental leave?

Executive Coaching / sessions for managers:

Do you feel the need to improve your management style?

Do you feel that you should be having a more conscious impact on your organization?

Are you interested in improving the efficiency of both your business and the people who report to you?

Do you need an HR strategy that is compatible with your business strategy?

Do you strive to consciously manage your own image both within and outside your organization?

Do you want to be ready for the changes faced by organizations?

Do you need an individual plan of personal development in your current place of work, or support in further career planning?

Are you trying to build your own brand in the labor market?

Psychological support for the manager:

You don’t know how to succeed in business?

Do you want to improve communications and relations with your employees, to manage your subordinate team better?

Do you dream of running your own business, but you're not sure if you could be your own boss?

Are you setting up your own company, and are looking for support in planning your strategy?

Do you need someone to look objectively at your business plans?

Currently ongoing projects:

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